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Thursday, February 27, 2003


nobody writes in this anymore and it makes me sad. *tear*

Current mood: sad

Tuesday, August 27, 2002


ok I am a little confused about the notebook and some other stuff. . .call me stupid. . .I didn't see my name or addy on the list, so does that mean I won't get it? or is it cause no one had it? or am I just a big moron? ok yeah thats it thanx for listening lata

Wednesday, August 21, 2002


1. Ok, the rebirth of CDA will have to be postponed until Saturday, but I'm still taking shirt suggestions, logo graphics, and ideas. E-mail me at StrmAlly@aol.com.

2. It's really hard to believe that CDA has been around for a year! And it just started out as a joke because Alexa and I didn't like any of the other RTA clubs. We've decided to redo the rules, and maybe add some new stuff (what, though, I have no idea). I think I may even give up my right to kick out members and we'll just vote out people who've been pissing us off. (which will make you feel worse because then you'll know the majority hates you instead of just me on a rampage. Hah)

3. Again, if any of you have any friends that are interested in joining, e-mail me and I will send you the form that they will need to fill out so I can put them on the list.

4:52PM - lemme know

aight can someone email me and let me know. i am going to my dads tonite, just so i know whats going on. please email me or something, b/c i don't wanna be lost. OOOOOOOOO and if the shirt thing does go thro i'm getting shorts that say 'CDA' on the butt. I can't wait.

PS: Jenn i will be online alot tonite at my dads, i ain't goin to bed until late tonite and i gotta tell u bout my dreams about joshie, kims son. plus this maybe our last late nite convo. so either email or im me, and this time i'll be there. Kim you better do the same too. And all the others of CDA, Im me too i can chat with ya'll too, i need to bond more.

Current mood: cranky


okay so...CDA will be doing the EMAIL thing once again...but we are also keeping the CDAONLJ...partly because its cool...and partly because im too lazy to delete it.

so umm...i am going to cape cod tonite and britt and i are gonna talk some official CDA business before i go..HURRAH

Tuesday, August 20, 2002


heya. . .I know that I haven't updated. . .but thats because I barely ever use this lj sn anymore since I got my paid one. . .and I tried to get my other one on here too, but it didn't work or soemthing. . .so here it is again. ..I would still like to be a part of this. . .but my new sn is usersewcute . .

10:35PM - hi!!

I'm in CDA! don't kick me out because I like it. I don't like tiedye shirts I feel like a hippie hahah... uhh Its summer time and I have on long pants and a sweater because its freezing. I enjoy playing Literati with Alexa because it's fun and I suck at it and she beats me EVERY time, yeah it's true! lol. I don't know what to write.. so i'm going to go! bye!

Current mood: cold


Okay. I'm alive. Sorry I never posted too much.

a) I agree. We should definitely bring back the email CDA. I found it easier, to be honest with you.

b) T-shrits: Sounds great! I'd suggest sticking to one quote, make your lives easier. Y'know? It'll get pricey, all different shirts. And maybe have CDA, in the center of a sunburst tye-dye pattern and up in the corner, in some groovy/funky font, our names or nicknames. Y'know?

c) I want to be here! *waves*

(Also, for music people, download 'Broken Vow' by Lara Fabian!)

Current mood: crazy


I have some important things to say as official CDA co-president. Lala..

1. Please tell either Alexa or me if you don't wish to be in CDA anymore. I'm going to get rid of the people who aren't active members, and get new blood.

2. I'm making official CDA t-shirts. Alexa and I have decided that the CDA color is purple (my favorite color is red and hers is blue so voila) and the t-shirts will be tye-dye. The shirts will probably say that you're a CDA member, along with your name (or nickname if you prefer) and possibly a quote. We haven't decided if it'll be the same quote for everyone, or if everyone gets their own.

It's all still up in the air, and we want all of your input. So tell us what you want!

3. Alexa and I are also thinking about restarting the RTA e-mail version of CDA., but we're still not sure. Which would everyone prefer?

4. The end.

Monday, August 19, 2002

6:29AM - Look at what I found!

Two of CDA's finest members, give it up for littlelave and cloudeater

Friday, August 16, 2002


Hey everyone =)
I just wanted to know if anyone knows of any online places to shop for clothes besides alloy and delias bc i have my moms credit card and I don't want to buy the gypsy lacy gauze crap they have. Lemme know =) Thanks.
Besides that nothing is up with me except boy trouble and losing my job. Plus the anticipation of school starting. Senior year though, can't be too bad right? Plus I have classes with ALEXA!!!! Rawk.
Talk to you all later.
Much Love,
Erin Hope

Thursday, August 15, 2002

12:28AM - The subject of Christianity

I just had someone (a Hanson fan that I talked to back in 2000 a lot) on Yahoo! IM me after a long protest of the service. We talked a bit, and I tried to catch her up on Hanson’s latest news (haha), but she told me since her “Youth Group Camp”, she hasn’t been interested in the internet and some TV shows that she used to watch on a regular basis. So okay, I’m totally cool with that, so I started talking about school. She then asked me where I lived, because she couldn’t remember. Wichita I tell her, and she replied that she lived in Salina (which is just north of here).

She asks if she can ask me a question. Shoot, I say. “Are you a Christian.” Totally harmless question I thought, so I answer it. (It might quite come as a shock, but yes I am a Christian, but I’ve become so fed up with the Church that I don’t believe in organized religion anymore, and haven’t attended church since 1996) Then she tells me to check my profile and change it. What’s wrong? I think. So I headed to my profile, and I see it. On my location is says “Hell”. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the word “hell” doesn’t offend me, but why should it offend others?

I think personally that she was overacting. But who am I to judge by saying that is a harmless word? To some it isn’t. I don’t know, I’ve become so accustomed to it over the years that it doesn’t offend me. Well, to be honest, it never did. But why should I change it, to please someone who’s offended by it? Wouldn’t that be somewhat hypocrite of me?

I just exited out of Yahoo!, I didn't want to start an agurment there. And reminded myself why I protested it in the first place. I don’t think I will be getting back on anytime soon.

Monday, August 12, 2002

10:15PM - thanks

thanks for all the purdy graphics and bday wishes. i esp. like emily porn. i wuv u all.

7:49PM - wut wut

wut wut

Alexa Roos rox.

no one can beat her mad graphic skillz.

woot woot

but i've posted this already, but i'd like to show this.

my mad graphik skillz yo.


EDIT: 7:54 cuz jen is stoopid and miss spelled the flippin HTML for the image.

Current mood: artistic


thisis for EMILY ON HER BDAY WOOHOO!!!!!

TADA. Who rocks the graphicing? I DO. Praise me!

Hehe thanks to Jen for the Zac picture. Its very nice. I could lick it. But Emily AND Brittany would hurt me...so yeah..ok! HAPPY BDAY EMILY!!!!


I hate how you can't edit entries that are community entries. The end.


Reasons why CDA rocks my world:
1. I'm in it and I have an inflated ego. (Worship meeee. And alexa too. But mostly me)
2. I'm co-president. And that means everyone has to do as I say. Or feel the wrath of she-hitler. Muahaha.
3. Alexa, my very best friend, is the other president.
4. Our discussions on the hotness of Harry Potter.
5. Alexa stories, Alexa lists & Alexa porn.
6. Pictures of Emily's rash. ahaha. Ew.
7. Jenn's rantings.
8. Our fights. Which were started usually by me</i>, and ended with me kicking someone out of the club.
9. When Jen and I spread rumors and told people that a former member was Zac Hanson's ex girlfriend. Ah. good times, good times.
10. Because all my favorite people were members.

wow. I am out of practice with list making.

Oh hey, Alexa! You know the scarf you bought me for my birthday? I wore it in Alaska! And my mom wore the gloves and the beanies. And we were talking about going on vacation during spring break, and I'm trying to talk them into letting you come. [dance]


Happy Birthday Emily!

I agree with Alexa: We should get CDA back up and running. As co-presidents, Alexa and I need to take the initiative. We need more members! We just let the club fall apart. Maybe we were too picky about members.

But still, if anyone pisses me off, I'm going to kick them out (except for the core group. Which is...us). Simple, really.

So maybe we should each get one person, someone CDA-worthy, to join.

1:30AM - its my b-day CDA

LUV YA ALL CDA, (I wanna see some e-cards from all of you and I mean it, Esp. from kim and jenn) :)

Current mood: happy

1:27AM - 1 thing i forgot

im making a list in honor of me turning 15 of things i want to do in my life. i just wanted to type that bc tell CDA about my list was one of my things! :) so 1 down bunches more to go.
luv em (once again)

spongebob time : 1:21am.

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