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cdaonlj's Journal

Cool Dorks Of America
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Cool Dorks Of America is a club for dorks, living in America who also happen to be cool. Here are the rules:

1) You must be a cool dork and you must live in America...hence, cool dorks of america.

2)You must be an original cool dork. No posers.

3)There is a point system. You may gain any number of points (given by Alexa) for a number of things (eg-playing guitar, eating cheese) but the most points you can loose, is 2.

4) You must praise me. (Alexa) I Rock. For Real.

5) NO bragging. Dorks dont brag. We're dorks...what do we have to brag about?!

6) People can only be kicked out if there is a petition. We are a democracy cause we rule. The Presidents cannot be kicked out. We are the presidents FOREVER. BAHAHA.

7) No being mean. Dorks are not mean people. If you are mean, you are not a dork...and if you are mean...you arent cool.

8) There is no 8

9) You must post at LEAST once a week.

10) You MUST use the cute little smileys. We will find out if you don't. We have spies.

11) Brittany says:"No stupid surveys or quizzes." You heard the woman. Don't do it!

12) Alexa says:"I love SNL." You heard the woman. Um, Alexa..thats not a rule...
(oh great, now im talking in 3rd person. oh well, its okay cause im a COOL DORK!)

byebye heheh.