jenny from the block (littlelave) wrote in cdaonlj,
jenny from the block

The subject of Christianity

I just had someone (a Hanson fan that I talked to back in 2000 a lot) on Yahoo! IM me after a long protest of the service. We talked a bit, and I tried to catch her up on Hanson’s latest news (haha), but she told me since her “Youth Group Camp”, she hasn’t been interested in the internet and some TV shows that she used to watch on a regular basis. So okay, I’m totally cool with that, so I started talking about school. She then asked me where I lived, because she couldn’t remember. Wichita I tell her, and she replied that she lived in Salina (which is just north of here).

She asks if she can ask me a question. Shoot, I say. “Are you a Christian.” Totally harmless question I thought, so I answer it. (It might quite come as a shock, but yes I am a Christian, but I’ve become so fed up with the Church that I don’t believe in organized religion anymore, and haven’t attended church since 1996) Then she tells me to check my profile and change it. What’s wrong? I think. So I headed to my profile, and I see it. On my location is says “Hell”. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the word “hell” doesn’t offend me, but why should it offend others?

I think personally that she was overacting. But who am I to judge by saying that is a harmless word? To some it isn’t. I don’t know, I’ve become so accustomed to it over the years that it doesn’t offend me. Well, to be honest, it never did. But why should I change it, to please someone who’s offended by it? Wouldn’t that be somewhat hypocrite of me?

I just exited out of Yahoo!, I didn't want to start an agurment there. And reminded myself why I protested it in the first place. I don’t think I will be getting back on anytime soon.
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